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Natural South Carolina

Live Oak, Ivory Billed Wood-pecker
Original title: Live Oak; Ivory Billed Wood-pecker
Common name: Laurel oak; Ivory-billed woodpecker
Scientific name: Quercus laurifolia | Campephilus principalis

Magnolia or Laurel-Flower
Original title: Magnolia or Laurel-Flower
Common name: Southern magnolia
Scientific name: Magnolia grandiflora*

Flying-Fish as large as life, Dolphin
Original title: Flying-Fish as large as life; Dolphin
Common name: Sailfin flyingfish
Scientific name: Parexocoetus brachypterus

Helisa, (Queen butterfly)
Original title: Helisa; [Queen butterfly]
Common name: Milkweed; Queen butterfly
Scientific name: Asclepias [variegata?] | Danaus gillipus

Blue Jay, Crab Tree
Original title: Blue Jay; Crab Tree
Common name: Blue jay; Flowering crabapple
Scientific name: Cyanocitta cristata | Malus augustifolia

Balsam Apple
Original title + common name: Balsam Apple
Scientific name: Momordica balsamina or Momordica charantia

Locust, Red Bird
Original title: Locust; Red Bird
Common name: Black locust; Cardinal
Scientific name: Robinia pseudoacacia | Cardinalis cardinalis

Summer Drake
Original title: Summer Drake
Common name: Wood duck
Scientific name: Aix sponsa

Sweet Scented Small Melon
Original title: Sweet Scented Small Melon
Common name: Watermelon [?] {Or not}*
Scientific name: Citrullis vulgaris [?]

Trumpet Tree
Original title: Trumpet Tree
Common name: Cow itch vine
Scientific name: Campsis radicans

Punchapau of East Florida or Oleander
Original title: Punchapau of East Florida or Oleander
Common name: Oleander
Scientific name: Nerium oleander

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The Ethelind Pope Brown Collection of South Carolina Natural History at the University of South Carolina consists of thirty two watercolour sketches of flora and fauna from the South East United States, produced between about 1765 and 1775.

The series has been attributed at one time or another to such luminary natural history artists as John Abbott[previously] and Mark Catesby[previously], and although the true painter remains officially unknown, expert opinion now favours the sketches having been produced by a local amateur artist called John Laurens. [info]

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